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Lisa and Michelle Cast in studio


Not a week goes by that I don’t watch The FourC Fitness Show. This is the real deal! I have gotten more credible and useful health and nutrition information in the last 13 weeks than I have surfing the entire internet, reading endless fad diet books, and watching countless infomercials. Your passion and sincerity to help others get what you got and share your message is what this industry needs more of. Your journey, the struggles and the successes, completely resonate with me. I know I can always get exactly what I need to hear out of your show, whether it is the next work out that will get me out of my rut, a suggestion on how I might tweak my eating, or simply just the love and support I need to know I am not alone in this fight to be fit. You girls ROCK!

Danette Delia
Boston, MA

You girls are so inspiring. I’ve watched all of your shows so far and I’m now 3 months into a 3 mile per day workout, down 19 pounds and it has started a chain reaction of my husband going with me, my family members making healthier eating choices and a handful of my coworkers have either joined or started back up at the gym. All by spreading the word that I’m engaging in a healthier lifestyle. Your shows are so informative, from the Tabatas to the special guests as well as your helpful recipes. I knew I had to make a change and looking at the level of commitment you both put in and the incredible payoff has shown me to cut the excuses and just do it. Thank you for making such a positive impact in mine and so many other people’s lives.

Nikki Sheridan
Long Island, NY

I love checking out FourC weekly. It keeps me motivated when sometimes I’m losing my stride. These girls are hot, funny, down to earth and really show how easy it is to make good yet delicious healthy choices. They are truly an inspiration!

Stefanie Pardo
New York, NY

Right from the very first episode of FourC Fitness, I was hooked. I have known Lisa Cast for quite some time and Michelle I have met on a few occasions, but once you start watching you will feel as though you have known them forever. They both make you truly feel that you are not alone and everything about them is real. That is the biggest reason why I enjoy watching the show, the reality of it. Everything they talk about, the food, the books, the workouts even the songs they talk about is all true. It is something they actually use or do themselves. Not like one of those shows that tell you everything to do and then drive to get fast food and sit on the couch. They are also there for you as well, you have a question, send it to them and they will do the research and get you the information you need. This is not just a show telling you a lot of ways to loss weight and eat right. The show is not only informative, it is funny, you will definitely laugh. They have had some great people on the show already and I am sure they will have more to come. I have learned so many things from each and every episode and I look forward to their further success.

Lisa Rahaniotis
Long Island, NY

I have known these girls through thick and thin….literally! Through their knowledge, dedication and motivation, they have inspired me to lose 45 lbs. If you’re looking for a quick fix, don’t stop here. If you’re looking for a smart, healthy and most of all fun way to get fit, stick with FourC Fitness, you won’t regret it!

Linda Tierney
Long Island, NY

Show Guests

Talk about walking the walk. When you hear their story and meet these ladies you realize there are no excuses. After watching Michelle and Lisa transform over a 2 year period, I decided to literally get moving and lose a necessary 15lbs that I had become complacent about.

These 2 ladies are extraordinary because they are real people that have opened their lives up to all of us to show us a path to health and wellbeing. They are living proof that something that seems impossible at times is truly possible if you just keep going.

The FourC Fitness Show is an extension of their passion, curiosity, and commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. They are extremely informed yet forever striving and learning as they generously share their very rich journey with all of us. Trials, tribulations, challenges, motivations, tips and tricks, all the while keeping us entertained as they share their knowledge.

These ladies just keep going and I am in awe of them. Michelle and Lisa are a real life inspiration, they are my inspiration!

Christina Vircillo
Westfield, NJ

When you first meet Michelle and Lisa, you immediately understand that these girls are the REAL DEAL! They have been there, done that and get it. Drawing from their own weight loss journey, Michelle and Lisa passionately helps others to live a healthy life. Funny, smart, compassionate – These Gals have an infectious energy that keeps me wanting more!

JoAnne Romanelli
Getting Real Health

I had a wonderful experience being on The FourC Fitness Show. Michelle and Lisa are fantastic, knowledgeable hosts and I was very pleased with the content of the show. There is so much misinformation out there on fitness, but it is refreshing to know that Michelle & Lisa are so accurate with what they are relaying to listeners. Please tune in, there is a wealth of information to be learned from these two and their guests. Thanks Michelle & Lisa for having me!

Jenel Stevens
Prowess PT
New York, NY
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