Lisa and Michelle at the track
Lisa & Michelle Cast utilized the Four “C”s to radically alter their lifestyles.

Our Weight Loss Story

This dynamic duo began their weight loss journey in 2008. It all started when they decided to audition for NBC’s The Biggest Loser. After standing on line for hours in the grueling heat on the streets of New York City, they were seen by a casting director and were called back for a second interview. After the second interview, they were asked once again to participate in more of the casting process. Their hopes were high that soon they would be on the ranch, miles away from the stresses and distraction of everyday life, making their dream of losing their weight come true. Once they submitted the last piece to the casting puzzle they were told to wait for a phone call on a specific date.

They will never forget the day the phone call was supposed to come. As the day came to a close, it was evident that things were not about to change, as they had hoped. No ranch, no extreme weight loss, no possible million dollar prize.

But hope was not lost. Why stop now? Michelle had already auditioned for the show once before, obviously this just wasn’t the path they were meant to take. The effort that was put forth to get as far as they had for the show just proved how badly they wanted it and that they were ready to begin.

They sent letters to their loved ones stating they would be secluding themselves in order to focus and dedicate themselves to making their weight loss dreams come true. Life would only consist of essential daily activities such as working out twice a day, showing up for their jobs and eating right. This was their chance to finally lose the weight they had held onto for years and their family and friends understood and cheered them on.

From 2008-2014, Michelle and Lisa lost a combined 240 pounds; Michelle, 155lbs and Lisa, 85lbs (see  before and after photos). And though the path has not been perfect and proves to still be a struggle at times, they are grateful for all they have learned and experienced along the way.

They found and continue to find success using a variety of different eating programs and fitness routines throughout their journey. It was important to them that they achieve their goals naturally without any surgery, weight loss pills or fad diets. This was truly a lifestyle change.

Through the initial weight loss process they gained a love for health, fitness and helping to inspire others to start their own journey. Michelle even went on to receive a NASM Personal Training certification. By choosing to commit and overcome challenges, they were able to make the change; this is how they became FourC Fitness. Watch episodes of their previous podcast FourC Fitness on YouTube or checkout episodes of FourC Life on Instagram to see what they’re up to today.

For more questions about their experiences or if you are interested in embarking on your own health & fitness lifestyle change feel free to contact Michelle and Lisa.

Before & After

Using the framework of the Four “C”s—Lisa and Michelle successfully lost a combined 240lbs.
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